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Why Should you Attend the Nation's Only Pickleball Trade & Consumer Shows?

National Pickleball Expos

  1. Skill Improvement: Pickleball Expos often feature workshops, clinics, and demonstrations conducted by experienced players and coaches. Attending these sessions can help players of all skill levels improve their game, learn new techniques, and refine their playing style.

  2. Product Showcase: Pickleball Expos usually have a vendor or exhibitor area where you can explore the latest pickleball equipment, gear, and apparel. This provides an opportunity to try out new products, get expert advice, and make informed decisions about your equipment.

  3. Networking: Pickleball Expos bring together a diverse community of players, enthusiasts, and professionals. It's an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow players, make new friends, and expand your pickleball network. You might find potential playing partners, coaches, or even sponsors.

  4. Tournaments and Competitions: Many Pickleball Expos include tournaments and competitive events. Participating in these competitions not only adds an element of fun but also allows players to test their skills against others, potentially gaining valuable experience and insights into their own gameplay.

  5. Meet Pros and Celebrities: Some expos feature appearances by professional pickleball players and celebrities in the sport. Meeting and interacting with these figures can be an inspiring experience and a chance to learn from the best.

  6. Community Building: Pickleball Expos often create a sense of community among attendees who share a passion for the sport. The atmosphere is usually friendly and inclusive, providing a great environment for socializing and enjoying the pickleball community.

  7. Education and Seminars: In addition to on-court activities, expos may offer educational seminars on various aspects of pickleball, including strategy, mental preparation, and injury prevention. These sessions can be valuable for players looking to deepen their understanding of the game.

  8. Discover New Locations: Pickleball Expos are often held in different locations, allowing attendees to explore new cities or regions. This adds a travel and exploration component to the experience, making it not just about the sport but also about discovering new places.

  • Demo Paddles, Gloves & Grips

  • Activewear & Apparel

  • Training Aids & Nets

  • Court Shoes & Accessories

  • Bags & Backpacks

  • Onsite Instruction & Demonstrations

  • Pickleball Clubs & Courts

  • Vacations & Tournaments

  • Upcoming Pickleball Restaurants

  • Court Builders & Resurfacing

  • Kids Zone & Family Activities

  • Fitness & Pickleball

  • Pickleball Gifts

For the Beginner or the Just Curious
  • Get free lessons at the show from experts.
  • Experience first hand why its so easy to get started with just one lesson.
  • Try-out different paddles, and equipment.
  • Attend the 1st Annual Holiday Pickle "Ball" to benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. 
  • Learn to serve the ball in our Serve Practice Zone.
  • See and try the latest Pickleball Activewear. 
  • Find-out where there are courts nearest you and how to use a court.
  • Learn the difference between Doubles and Singles play.
  • See why new home builders are installing 8 Pickleball courts to every 1 Tennis Court.
  • Learn about Pickleball Restaurants and Resorts as well as Pickleball Clubs and Communities.
  • Find everything you need to know in one place and have a great time. 
  • Kid's Zone - Pickleball for the Kids, bring the Family
For the Active Player
  • Get free Intermediate & Pro training from Pro's.
  • Participate in the 2022 Pickleball for a Cure, Onsite Tournament to benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation..
  • Attend the 1st Annual Holiday Pickle 'Ball'.
  • Demo different paddles, speak to the experts.
  • Attend Educational Seminars.
  • Get all the Rule Updates for 2022 & 2023
  • See and try the latest Pickleball Activewear. 
  • Find-out where there are courts now with future courts under construction. 
  • See the New Pickleball Residential Communities.
  • Visit with professional Pickleball installation companies.
  • Learn about Pickleball Restaurants and Resorts as well as Pickleball Clubs and Communities.
  • Find everything you need to know in one place and have a great time.  Bring the Family!

World Pickleball Convention

  1. Product Discovery: Trade shows provide a centralized location for discovering new products, services, and innovations. Corporate buyers can explore a wide range of offerings from various vendors all in one place, which can help them stay updated on the latest industry trends and advancements.

  2. Networking Opportunities: Trade shows offer a unique opportunity for corporate buyers to connect with suppliers, manufacturers, and other professionals in their industry. Building and maintaining a strong network can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and access to exclusive deals.

  3. Face-to-Face Interaction: Meeting suppliers and vendors in person allows for direct communication and the chance to build relationships. Face-to-face interactions can enhance understanding, trust, and cooperation, making it easier to negotiate terms and discuss specific requirements.

  4. Market Research: Attending trade shows provides corporate buyers with the opportunity to conduct real-time market research. They can gather information on competitor products, pricing strategies, and industry trends, helping them make informed decisions and stay competitive in the market.

  5. Educational Seminars and Workshops: Many trade shows organize seminars, workshops, and panel discussions featuring industry experts. Corporate buyers can attend these sessions to gain insights into the latest technologies, market dynamics, and best practices, which can contribute to their professional development.

  6. Hands-On Experience: Some trade shows allow attendees to see and test products firsthand. This hands-on experience can be crucial for corporate buyers who want to assess product quality, functionality, and suitability for their business needs before making purchasing decisions.

  7. Negotiation Opportunities: Trade shows often provide a conducive environment for negotiations. Corporate buyers can discuss terms, pricing, and contracts directly with suppliers, potentially securing better deals and terms compared to negotiating remotely.

  8. Efficiency in Vendor Evaluation: Instead of relying solely on online information or catalogs, corporate buyers can physically evaluate vendors and their products at trade shows. This can save time and resources by allowing buyers to efficiently assess multiple options in one location.

  9. Stay Informed About Industry Trends: Trade shows showcase the latest innovations and trends in the industry. By attending, corporate buyers can gain a better understanding of where the market is heading, enabling them to make strategic decisions that align with future developments.

  10. Brand Exposure: Corporate buyers can discover new and emerging brands at trade shows. Supporting innovative and upcoming suppliers can be beneficial for staying ahead of the competition and accessing unique products that might not be widely known yet.

  11. Knowledge Expansion:

    1. Stay updated: Conferences often feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops that provide insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the industry.

    2. Learn from experts: Gain knowledge from experienced professionals through their presentations and discussions.

  12. Skill Development:

    1. Workshops and training sessions: Some conferences offer hands-on workshops and training sessions to enhance specific skills or introduce new tools and techniques.

    2. Soft skills: Improve communication, presentation, and networking skills by engaging in various conference activities.

  13. Exposure to New Technologies and Products:

    1. Explore exhibitions: Conferences often include exhibitions where companies showcase their latest products and technologies. This provides an opportunity to stay updated on industry advancements.

  14. Career Advancement:

    1. Job opportunities: Conferences are excellent platforms for job seekers to connect with potential employers, submit resumes, and explore career opportunities.

    2. Professional development: Demonstrate your commitment to professional development by attending conferences, which can enhance your resume and career prospects.

  15. Market Intelligence:

    1. Industry trends: Gain insights into current and future industry trends, helping you anticipate changes and make informed decisions.

    2. Competitive analysis: Understand what competitors are doing and identify areas for improvement or innovation.

  16. Inspiration and Motivation:

    1. Keynote speakers: Listen to inspirational talks from successful individuals in the industry, gaining motivation to overcome challenges and pursue personal and professional goals.

    2. Success stories: Learn from the experiences of others who have faced and overcome similar challenges.

  17. Visibility and Branding:

    1. Showcase expertise: If given the opportunity, present your work or research to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

    2. Company exposure: If representing a company, conferences provide a platform to showcase products, services, and expertise to a targeted audience.

  18. Community Engagement:

    1. Community building: Conferences offer a chance to engage with like-minded individuals who share similar interests, creating a sense of community within the industry.

  19. Personal Growth:

    1. Confidence building: Engaging in discussions, networking, and presenting can boost confidence and communication skills.

    2. Broaden perspectives: Exposure to diverse ideas and viewpoints can broaden your understanding of the industry and stimulate creativity.

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