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*Conference Agenda

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Friday, June 7, 2024


Complimentary Breakfast Sponsored by:
PB Cards

845 AM - Welcome to the World Pickleball Convention & Conference

Emcee Carl Foster

Intro of George Domaceti, World Pickleball Convention CEO
Day 2 Activities at Expo/Fashion Shows/Demo Days/Signings

9 AM - Innovation in Pickleball Equipment & Technology

Carl Schmitts- Managing Director of Equipment Standards, USA Pickleball

  • Standards & Facilities Development - Science & Design

  • Materials to be used and restricted materials and standards.

  • New Technologies - Quiet Paddle Development

950 AM - DUPR Ratings - Waterfalls, Collegiate and Next Gen Future

1020 AM - Coffee and Beverage Break sponsored by

1030 AM - Future of Professional Pickleball

Can Tours, Leagues and Tournaments Thrive, the changing face.

Getting more TV viewership for Pros?  Event Spectators?

Sponsorships and ROI timetables? 

1105 AM - Pickleball; More than just a Sport

How the sport of Pickleball Saves Lives

1215 AM - Networking Lunch Buffet sponsored by PJD Designs/Pro Drive

130 PM - Pickleball and Health - The Winning Combination

205 PM - How to get Seen, Heard & Noticed - Pickleball Media, PR, TV, Podcasts, Events

315 PM - Afternoon Refresher Break

                Sponsored by  Reign Storm

300 PM - Marketing to Corporate America & Sponsorships

Moderators with Panel Discussions

420 PM - PANEL:  The Future of Pickleball

Moderators with Panel Discussions

530 PM - Networking Cocktail Party Reception


*Dates, Times & Topics are subject to change.  

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