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Conference Agenda

List of Speakers

Friday, June 7, 2024


Complimentary Breakfast Sponsored by:
PB Cards

845 AM - Welcome to the World Pickleball Convention & Conference

Emcee Carl Foster

Intro of George Domaceti, World Pickleball Convention CEO
Day 2 Activities at Expo/Fashion Shows/Demo Days/Signings

9 AM - Innovation in Pickleball Equipment & Technology

Carl Schmitts- Managing Director of Equipment Standards, USA Pickleball

  • Standards & Facilities Development - Science & Design

  • Materials to be used and restricted materials and standards.

  • New Technologies - Quiet Paddle Development

950 AM - DUPR Ratings - Waterfalls, Collegiate and Next Gen Future

Tito Machado - CEO DUPR, David Kass, Andre Agassi

1020 AM - Coffee and Beverage Break sponsored by

1030 AM - Future of Professional Pickleball

Can Tours, Leagues and Tournaments Thrive, the changing face.

Getting more TV viewership for Pros?  Event Spectators?

Sponsorships and ROI timetables? 

1105 AM - Pickleball; More than just a Sport

Paul Teutel, Jr - American Chopper TV Star

How the sport of Pickleball Saves Lives

1215 AM - Networking Lunch Buffet sponsored by PJD Designs/Pro Drive

1:30 PM - Pickleball and Health - The Winning Combination

Physical - Lifetime Fitness Founder
Mental Health - Steven Harper, Military Adaptive Pickleball
Social - Laura Gainer - Pickleball in the Sun-Fun, Travel & Culture
Safety - Vision - Craig Chasnoff, founder of Dink Eyewear

Injury Prevention

2:05 PM - Hot to get Seen, Heard & Noticed - Pickleball Media, PR, TV, Podcasts, Events

Panel Session with Moderator Kaitlyn Kerr, the Pickleball Chick and MLP Owner

Rub Nunnery, Tennis Channel, Amazon's PickleTV, CBS Sports, Wayne Dollard, Pickleball Magazine. 

315PM - Afternoon Refresher Break

                Sponsored by  Reign Storm

3:00 PM - Marketing to Corporate America & Sponsorships

Attracting non-endemic partnerships to your clubs, tournaments, live streams,
fundraising events, Leagues

Moderators with Panel Discussions

4:20 PM - PANEL:  The Future of Pickleball

Moderators with Panel Discussions

530 PM - Networking Cocktail Party Reception


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