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Shipping to Las Vegas Convention


There are 2 Choices for shipping to the Convention Center.

CHOICE 1:  Shipping in Advance of the Convention

This is for exhibitors that need a bigger window for receiving.  In this case, Convention Services can receive advance shipments starting 30 days from the show.  They can arrive anytime between May 1 - June 3rd.  They will receive, weigh, check for damages and delver all of the freight to your booth on the 1st day of Move-in.  CLICK HERE FOR THIS LABEL

CHOICE 2:  Direct Shipment to the LVCC (Shipment can't get there earlier than June 4 or later than the 5th. 

A much narrower window (2 days) - last minute shipping.  If you use this label and the shipment is sent to the LVCC before June 4th, it will be refused and returned to sender.  CLICK HERE FOR THIS LABEL. 

Material Handling Fees:  The Fern OneRate is $1.75 per pound no matter whether you send it advance or direct, and no matter how it arrives - crates, loose, cardboard, crates or pallets.  The material handling service includes accepting materials, inspection, delivery tot he booth, pick-up of empty crates and boxes for storage return of those boxes and reloading the materials back onto the shipping carrier.  

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